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              河北省定州中學2018屆高中畢業班下學期第一次月考英語試題 Word版含答案(書利華教育網)  人教版


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              第一部分聽力(共兩節,滿分30 分)做題時,先將答案標在試卷上。錄音內容結束后,你將有2 分鐘的時間將試卷上的答案轉涂到答題卡上。第一節(共5 小題;每小題1.5 分,滿分7.5 分)聽下面5段對話。每段對話后有一個小題,從題中所給的A.B.C 三個選項中選出最佳選項。聽完每段對話后,你都有10 秒鐘的時間來回答有關小題和閱讀下一小題。每段對話僅讀一遍。例:Howmuchisthe shirt?A.£19.15.B.£9.15.C.£9.18.答案是C。1.Where is the woman going first?A.The school.B.The library.C.A bookstore.2.When does the game finish?A.At 4:00.B.At 3:40.C.At 3:20.3.What will the man do this weekend?A.Visit his grandma.B.Stay at home with his friend.C.Have dinner with his aunt’ s family.4.Why hasn’t the man got the letter?A.He couldn’t find the post office.
              B.He has been too busy.C.He forgot about it.5.What are the two speakers talking about?A.A desk.B.A colleague.C.Piles of paper.第二節( 共15 小題;每小題1.5 分,滿分22.5 分)聽下面5 段對話或獨白。每段對話或獨白后有幾個小題,從題中所給的A、B、C三個選項中選出最佳選項。聽每段對話或獨白前,你將有時間閱讀各個小題,每小題5 秒鐘;聽完后,各小題給出5 秒鐘的作答時間。每段對話或獨白讀兩遍。聽第6段材料,回答第6、7 題。6.Who is the woman most probably?A.Dr.Smith’s wife.B.Dr.Smithassistant.C.Dr.Smith’s neighbor.7.What’s the man going to do next?A.Go to a bar.B.Meet Dr.Smith.C.Wait in the waiting room.
              聽第7 段材料,回答第8.9 題。8.How does the woman feel about her presentation?A.Confident.B.Unsure.C.Terrified.9.When will the conference be held?A.ThisThursday.B.This Friday.C.Next Monday.聽第8 段材料,回答第10 至12 題。10.Where are the speakers?A.At an airport.B.In a hotel.C.In a restaurant.11.Why do they decide to go to the coffee stand?A.To have a rest.B.To get the luggage.C.To avoid the crowd.12.Why does the man want to pay for the coffee?A.To show his generosity.B.To repay the woman’ s treat.C.To thank the woman for herhelp聽第9 段材料,回答第13 至16 題。13.Who is the man probably?A.A house owner.B.A house buyer.C.A housing agent.14.What’ s the total cost of a room?A.$ 700.B.$ 730.C.$ 1,000.15.What attracts the woman most about the house?A.The heating system.B.The position.C.The price.16.What can people do in the house?A.Do some indoor sports.B.Enjoy an open fire in winter.C.Have a good view of the garden.聽第10 段材料,回答第17 至20 題。17.What’ s the speaker doing?A.Introducing the school cafeteria.B.Advertising the school cafeteria.C.Giving advice on the school cafeteria.A.Healthy.B.Dull.C.Special.19.Why don’t some students eat in the cafeteria?A.The food is tasteless.B.The kitchen is untidy.C.The prices are unreasonable.20.What does the speaker say about the cafeteria?A.The staff there are friendly.B.It’s made a few changes to the menu.C.Students have to wait there for a seat.




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